Partition Wall for All Types of Building Construction


Internal/External/Wet Areas

  • Our Compac Green wall technology ensures dense uniform compaction of concrete within the panels. This improves the anchorage capacity of the panel and enhances resistance against indentation. This dense uniform compaction further provides increased durability and an increased resistance against water vapour and moisture.


  • The tongue-and-groove is specially designed to minimize cracking along the joints and water seepage faced by many conventional wall panels.  The actual finish depends on the final location of the wall panels and the project requirements and our Greencast’s Compac Green Wall system only requires a thin layer of skim coat to finish.

Comfortable, Safe, Healthy, Optimised and Ecological

  • The Compac Green Wall system has thermal properties and excellent acoustic insulation. This allows more consistent temperature distribution both in cold and hot regions. It also acts as an effective barrier against roads and urban noise, outdoor and indoor spaces and provide more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable living environment.
  • Our Compac Green Wall technology is non-combustible. It does not emit toxic fumes under fire and can limit smoke spreading in buildings.
  • The Compac Green Wall system is stable throughout its life cycle and does not need chemical treatment to protect it against rot and insect attack. This means that there are no residual emissions or hydrocarbons to affect one’s health.
  • Made of raw materials found naturally, stones, gravels, sand, Compac Green Wall technology minimizes the whole-life-cycle impact on the environment when compared with other construction materials.

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