What are the benefits of your Compac™ Green Wall system?

  • Lower construction cost and time
  • State-of-the-art joint design to minimize cracks and water seepage problem
  • Eco-friendly product that is stable throughout its life-cycle
  • Dense and uniform compaction of the concrete within the panels favours the use in external walls and wet areas

What finishes are required for your Compac™ Green partition wall system?

  • A 3-8mm layer of skim coat is required for internal walls.

Is your Compac™ Green wall partition wall customizable?

  • Yes. According to your project requirements.

Are RC or Steel Lintels required with the use of your Compac™ Green Wall system?

  • It varies according to different project specifications. The Compac™ Green Wall system can eradicate the use of lintels in most applications.

Are Stiffeners required with the use of your Compac™ Green Wall system?

  • It depends on your project specifications and requirements.

Do you have the solution for joint cracking?

  • The numerous joints in a precast concrete envelope are an important aspect of the design. The joints between precast units or between precast and other building components must be specially design and preserved to prevent leak through the precast system. Our state-of-the-art joint design takes into the consideration of the structural, thermal and all the elements that affects the performance and movement of a joint.

How are your walls installed?

  • The wall panels are erected by personnel skilled in work utilizing lifting devices and methods capable of safely handling the wall.

How are your wall panels connected to my building structure?

  • The Compac™ Green Wall system uses T10 rebars with non-shrink grout to fasten and secure the panels to the structural columns and beams.

What is the maximum anchorage weight that your wall can sustain?

  • The patented lightweight precast wall system can sustain a maximum anchorage weight of 400kg.

How are M&E elements installed into your wall panels?

  • Makita concrete cutting machine is preferred for cutting an opening on the wall surface after the panels are installed.

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