GC ecoWall®

The design of the ecoWall® is based on the extensively research done by the late Professor Wee Tiong Huan, Civil Engineering National University of Singapore. It is intended for vertical and horizontal placement as a non-load bearing internal and external partition wall.

The ecoWall® features hollow cores and modular dimensions of 70mm, 90mm or 100mm thickness to suit different project requirements. With a fixed width of 600mm, the length can be customized up to 4200mm.

ecoWall® has since then eradicate the use of lintels and stiffeners for many construction projects, which in turns lower construction cost and time.

Given a smooth and flat finish surface, the ecoWall® will only need a thin layer of skim coat to finish before painting.


Fire Resistant and Green Versatile Wall Panels

  • Energy efficient and superior strength. The technology requires the use of less water content to reduce energy use during production and is compacted to deliver superior strength values.
  • Versatile non-load bearing applications. Can be used as internal partitions, external façade, wet areas and lintels with minimal mess.
  • Flat, smooth and non-combustible. The ecoWall® have a smooth and flat finish. The inherent non-combustibility, thermal properties, acoustic rating and fire resistance of the concrete wall provides additional peace of mind.
  • Quality Product. An off-site patented manufacturing method and process allows for high finish and high quality product.
  • Eradicate the need to plaster. They are ready for paint or wall-covering with just a thin layer of skim coat and are ultra-durable.

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