GC ecoPanel®

The ultra-strong wall panel that exceeds the current technology available in the market. This product has further helped builders eradicate the use of lintels, which improves productivity and lower construction cost, while maintaining high level of safety during construction.

The additional benefit the ecoPanel® has is further cost savings on lintels for higher opening, and safer workability.

By having 2 reinforcement bars inside the cores, the state-of-the-art 100mm thick ecoPanel® becomes longer, stronger and safer.


Setting a new standards for lightweight precast wall panels

  • Exceed market expectations. ecoPanel® broke the boundaries and is currently the strongest non-load bearing precast wall in the market.
  • Increase productivity, Reduce Cost. With the proper equipment and machine, the ecoPanel® can be erected and installed in the fastest possible time with the reduction use of lintels.
  • Enhance site safety. With two reinforcement bars inside 2 cores, you are able to install the ecoPanel® with a peace of mind.
  • Versatile installation. Be it vertical or horizontal applications, you can be sure that it works.

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