GC ecoBlock®

With the innovative Compac wall technology, the GC ecoBlock® is created. Similar to the specifications of the GC ecoWall®, the GC ecoBlock® is machine cut to precise dimensions.

Being a concrete masonry unit (CMU) or precision block, the specifications of these blocks exceeds many of its alternative on shear strength and performance.

It can be used in areas where the opening areas are small and inaccessible. Unlike bricks, dry installation is possible with the ecoBlock® and only a skim coat finish is required.


Your best alternative to Bricks

  • Exceed the specifications of bricks. We only require 8.7 pieces to cover 1m2, with only skim coat finish.
  • Precise Dimensions, Variable Sizes. Automated machine is used to cut to required size. Modular thickness of 90mm and 100mm with variable lengths from 100mm to 300mm to cater to your requirements.
  • High specifications exceeding requirements. ecoBlock® has an inherent thermal properties, non-combustibility, acoustic rating, fire resistance and durability.
  • Save time and mess from hacking. Unlike bricks, the ecoBlock® has cores for easy M&E works.
  • Buildable Scoring eligibility. With only a skim coat finish, the Singapore Labour Saving Index (LSI) is 0.3 for the ecoBlock®. You are still eligible for points under the buildable scoring system.


Requirements ecoBlock® Bricks
Productivity 7-10m2 4-7/m2
Dry Installation Yes No
On-site installation of concealed wiring, ducting and pipework Services can be run through the cores and conceal neatly By surface Hacking
Surface appearances Smooth with Skim Coat Smooth only with skilled plasterers
Labour Saving Index 0.3 0

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