Conventional hollow core wall panels are not optimally design to achieve lightweight and has low bending stiffness.


Intellectual Property 1 – “A method and system to design a hollow core concrete panel” (WO 2007/114795)

  • The patented method and system to design a hollow core panel is to achieve lightweight and high bending stiffness. To achieve this benefit, the choice of the diameter and the number of cores are to be taken into consideration. This also includes the ability of the concrete in the wall to be densely and uniformly compacted during production.
  • To achieve good compaction, the extrusion machine is specially design to achieve an optimally designed hollow core wall panels.
  • Together with a properly design mix proportion of the concrete, we can produce an optimally-designed hollow-core wall panels, which are compact for strength and robustness, yet lightweight.

This technology has been used since the very first generation of Compac green wall technology and was patented in 2007.  This technology is also the pioneer to use Recycle Concrete Aggregates (RCA).


The painful problem of conventional hollow core wall panels is the occurrence of hairline cracks along the joints between adjacent panels.


Intellectual Property 2 – “Method of applying a coating medium and a performed panel” (WO 2007053119 A1)

  • To complement our specially designed tongue and groove that helps to minimize cracks and water seepage, we have a patented method to further insure against possible crack propagating through the coat.
  • The method is to apply a coating medium over a discontinuity between adjacent panels. This will provide a stress redistribution structure over the discontinuity, which will further reduce the possible cracks at the joints and water seepage.

This technology has been used together with the patented hollow core concrete panel and was patented in 2007.

The above inventions was funded by Ministry of National Development (MND) Research Fund and was patented and owned by the National University of Singapore (NUS). Greencast Pte Ltd is the exclusive licensee to this cutting-edge technology.

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