Compac™ Green Wall Technology

  • Compac™ Green Wall is a state-of-the-art wall system that was jointly developed by Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and National University of Singapore (NUS) through the MND Research Fund.
  • This technology recycles manufacturing waste material under high compaction into hollow-core walls that can be reused in new buildings as internal and external non-structural elements.
  • With this technology, optimally designed lightweight, hollow-core wall panels can be produced with homogenous well-compacted cross-sections for increased strength and robustness.
  • As an added advantage, a hollow-core wall of any length can be produced so, walls can be customized to the required lengths to suit the needs of the construction, reducing installation time and cost.
  • This Compac™ technology has brought about 3 product lines, namely GC ecoWall®, GC ecoBlock® and GC ecoPanel® that are suitable for all project types.

Features & Benefits


Uses Recycled Concrete Aggregates (RCA)

Compac™ Green Wall system can help you earn points towards BCA Greenmark and USGBC LEED certifications.


a. Greenmark

i. Use of sustainable products – up to 8 points

  • Prerequisite requirement
    a. Green Mark Gold Plus more or equal to 3 points
    b. Green Mark Platinum more or equal to 4 points
  • Points scored base on the weightage and the extent of the coverage and impact
  • More information: www.bca.gov.sg/greenmark/green_mark_criteria.html


i. Use of Recycled Content in concrete – up to 2 points

  • Two points credit will be awarded for the use of materials with post-consumer recycled or post-industrial recycled content
  • More information: www.usgbc.org/certification

Patented Process and Design

Compac™ Green Wall Technology eliminates all your concerns with conventional wall systems. The process and design enables the wall panel to be lightweight and high strength for use as internal partition, external façade, lintels and wet areas. Moreover, Compac™ Green Wall solves your water seepage and cracking along joints problems. This increases time and cost-savings as compared to other alternative wall systems.


Precast Technology

Off-Site construction produces higher quality products than On-site construction. Compac™ Green Wall Technology increases productivity at your construction site enabling faster construction time. You can also qualify for Buildability and Constructability Scoring.

a. Greencast Compac™ Green Wall system has a Labour Saving Index (LSI) of 0.85.
b. The maximum buildable design score is derived from 3 components (structural system, wall system and buildable design features) in the ratio of 45:45:10. The wall system (40 points) + simple design (5 points) will make up the maximum 45 points achievable under wall system category.
c. Constructability Score is only applicable if it is the builder who proposes the use of the panel to do away with the need to carry out plastering works.

More Information: www.bca.gov.sg/BuildableDesign/bdas2011.html


Use of Extrusion System

You can save on manpower, time and wastage because your required lengths are specifically cut at factory before delivering to your construction site. Using Compac™ Green Wall Technology means your panels are produced with zero slump concrete and are cast on long production beds, which are then cut to length after setting with a mobile concrete saw. This enables you to increase your building efficiency while reducing cost.


High Durability and Workability

Due to its compact nature, the wall panel can withstand severe duty and anchorage of up to 400kg. Compac™ Green Wall system is also suited for external and wet areas.

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